It is the first of December, so I can officially start thinking about Christmas, and reflect on how the year has been.

And seriously, it would not have been half as awesome without all my amazing followers. I will not ramble on, but all your support over my first year on tumblr has really inspired me to work harder to be a better crafter/artist!

With that said, this one’s for you guys!

PRIZE #1: Any Homestuck weapon pendant! I have made a few different designs in the past, but you can choose (within reason) any Homestuck weapon ever used in the comic and I will make it for the winner! You will also be able to choose between a silver, rubber or black cotton chain (as pictured)

PRIZE #2: Any kid, troll or god tier symbol earrings! Canon symbols only! (Silver plated posts)

RULE #1: You must be following me.   Opening this up to non-followers. I hope you will still follow anyway :3

RULE #2: Reblog once, and like to enter. None of this multiple reblogging stuff.

RULE #3: I will pick 2 winners at the end of the giveaway at random. The first winner will be able to choose which prize they would like to receive. The second will get the other prize* **.

*If you don’t have pierced ears and win the earrings, I can either make them as clip ons, or make it as a necklace charm.

**If you only want one prize and not the other, please indicate that in your reblog! (etc: “Earrings!” or “NEKCLACE OMG PLEEEZE!”)

RULE #4: I pay shipping anywhere!

The giveaway ends December 15th, which is exactly two weeks from now. Please have your ask boxes open!

Good luck!

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