TCAF: Anxiety and Cosplay


Last year prior to TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) there was a lot of negative attention set on those who planned to cosplay, and those who eventually did cosplay at the event. It went really far beyond whether or not it was appropriate, and amount to people being bullied and threatened.

To avoid the same scene as last year, and to spread the word to avoid general confusion, I’d like to share a blog post made by one of the main organizers that addresses this issue.

TCAF Organizer:”We don’t encourage cosplay at TCAF. It’s a ‘no cosplay’ event. But that doesn’t give anyone the right to be a jerk to anyone else whether they’re in costume or otherwise […]

I don’t want anyone at all to be hurt by mean words or bad encounters at TCAF, and because we can’t guarantee a ‘safe space’, a non-agression pact by everyone who’s going to be there, it would be flat-out irresponsible of us to get on board with cosplay. But as always, we respect an indvidual’s right to express their identity, and like I said, no one should be a jerk to anyone else whether they’re wearing a costume or otherwise.”

Read the full blog

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